Why Tesla is building new cars in a tent

Numerous sources are reporting that Tesla is now manufacturing it's latest Model 3 electric cars in a huge tent. You may wonder why. Having provided tents for numerous companies, I can tell you that a tent is a great way to add capacity. Building a new facility can take months or years for the planning, permitting and construction to be complete. Tesla applied for a permit on June 7 and was manufacturing cars three weeks later. That is an incredible feat that would not be possible with a traditional building

Many other companies have also used tents for storage, manufacturing or additional capacity for unexpected orders, during construction or remodeling, for disaster response and much more. Do you need a temporary warehouse, factory or retail facility? Contact us today.

Winter Storage Tents

Tents can be used for a wide range of different types of events, but temporary storage is not a use for a tent that most people think of. However, with winter approaching, keeping your equipment warm, safe and dry can be important. Our industrial tents are great for temporary warehousing, construction projects, manufacturing and much more.

If you're looking for something that is semi-permanent, check out our sister company Coverdomes. These fabric buildings are quickly installed, but can be left in place for many years. Contact us today for a fabric structure to meet your needs and your timeframe. 

Weather The Storm With These 5 Wedding Day Preparedness Tips

Weather The Storm With These 5 Wedding Day Preparedness Tips

While rain on your wedding day is often considered good luck, you might see it as the opposite. The risk of summer storms can make hosting an outdoor event stressful, but this is especially true when wedding bells are involved. Luckily, it is in your control to not let bad weather splash all over your special day. From prepping your guests to adjusting your party rentals, these tips are your stress-free weather preparedness kit. 

Custom Tents, Our Specialty

Do you need protection from sun, rain, wind, snow or cold? Do you think it's impossible to cover your space with a tent? Think again. Here at Tents For Rent, we are experts at finding solutions that fit your needs. We have access to a large range of tent sizes and styles. If none of those fill your needs, we can always design a tent especially for your needs just like we did for Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs and other customers as well. We have years of experience in finding the perfect solution for your tenting needs. Our goals is to create a solution that will be safe and secure while serving you well. So, whether you need a tent for your wedding, construction project, or some other type of temporary coverage, contact us today to learn how our custom solution can work for you.

What is the difference between a frame tent and a pole tent?

This article is part of a series of posts with further explanation on many of our frequently asked questions.

Many people wonder what the difference is between a frame tent and a pole tent. This article will be a bit more technical than most. So, I'll do my best to make it easy to understand.

Pole tents, also known as tension structures are an evolution of the earliest type of tents. The forerunners to modern pole tents were the big top circus tents of the past. They have one or more high peaks in the center. Their structure comes from the fabric itself. They can be installed quickly with no need for beams to support them. Many of today's pole tents are engineered to withstand up to 70 mph sustained winds and 90 mph gusts. Pole tents are the most economical type of tent that we offer. They are great for weddings, backyard parties and other events of all kinds. They have tall, graceful peaks and airy spacious interiors. Many people prefer this style over the more traditional square frame tent appearance. They can be installed on nearly any surface where stakes can be driven into the ground.

While pole tents fill the needs of most of our customers, there are some situations where only a frame tent will fit the bill. Frame tents, also known as clearspan structures or clearspan tents offer some unique advantages. Sometimes, tents must be secured with weights instead of driving stakes into the ground. In locations where a driveway cannot be penetrated or where underground utilities make it unsafe to drive stakes, a frame tent with weights is the perfect solution. Frame tents are much more flexible in the ways that they can secured. They can be installed on a deck, patio or even the rooftop of a building. Frame tents have other advantages as well. They have no interior poles. This is great for construction projects where machinery must work inside the tent or events where poles would obstruct the flow of people. Frame tents also work well as weather protection for a stage at a graduation ceremony or other outdoor event with a large audience. Lighting and speakers can be hung from the aluminum beams of the tent. The front of the stage can be completely unobstructed by tent poles. Frame tents can also be easily raised to a taller height to cover a stage or to allow machinery to enter the tent. Some people prefer the more modern, "Euro" appearance of a frame tent.

Still not sure which type of tent you'll need? Contact us and let our representatives find the best solution for your event. Whichever type of tent you choose, rest assured that Tents For Rent will provide you with a quality tent and excellent service to make your event successful.

I Only Need a Tent in Case of Rain

Call us at 717.733.9700 or request a quote to be prepared for any type of weather.

Many people planning an outdoor event or wedding really love the outdoors. So do we. If you're an outdoors loving person, maybe you prefer to have your event outdoors with no tent at all. Maybe you like the full expanse of blue sky overhead during your wedding ceremony. Maybe you have visions of soft moonlight during your reception. Maybe you want to look up at the green canopy of trees overhead.

We understand this and we have a plan in place for you. Most summer days are lovely, warm and beautiful, but you need to plan for hot days with glaring sun or the stormy days with driving rain. That's where we come in. We allow you to reserve your tent and all the other rental items to go with it. If the weather forecast is beautiful, you can cancel the tent. There are several things you should consider when you're thinking of having a tent as a backup plan:

  • Rain isn't the only type of inclement weather. Shade from the hot sun can help keep your guests more comfortable too.

  • Even if you have your wedding ceremony outdoors, it's a great idea to rent a tent for the reception to cover the food, sound system and etc.

  • If you're planning to light the tent, plan for how you want to light the space if you don't rent a tent. Not all types of lighting work as well outside a tent.

  • You may want to rearrange your seating layout if you don't rent a tent.

  • If in doubt, rent a tent. It's much better to rent a tent and not need it than cancel the tent and wish you had it.

So, how does it all work? When you reserve, we require a 25% deposit. This guarantees that your tent will be available in case of inclement weather. However, you may cancel the tent if the weather forecast looks beautiful. You may make this decision up until 9:00 AM of the business day before delivery and save yourself the remaining 75%. If you cancel after 9:00 AM, you save 50% of the tent rental cost. There are two exceptions to this: linens need to be cancelled one day earlier than tents in order to get a 75% refund and permits are not refundable at all. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your guests will have shade from the hot sun or cover from the rain. Yet, you have the option to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. So, reserve today to plan an event that will be beautiful no matter what the weather.

Haiti Earthquake

Tents For Rent is working with Christian Aid Ministries to provide 10,000 tarps for temporary shelters in Haiti. We have currently secured about 7,000 tarps with rope that are ready to send to Haiti. Some of the tarps have already been airlifted to Haiti and the rest are being packed into containers for shipping. It seems that a tarp is a poor shelter, but many of these people lived under tarps before the earthquake. Also, tarps can be shipped and distributed very quickly and efficiently with limited transportation resources.  We are also working with other organizations to provide small tents for housing as well as larger tents for dining facilities and semi-permanent schools.Please pray for these people in Haiti and donate as you are able.