What If It Rains on My Event?

What if it rains on my event? This is a question that may be running through your mind whether you're planning an outdoor wedding, a graduation party or a corporate event. We would all like to imagine lovely weather, 70 degrees and a beautiful sunset, but, especially lately, weather like that has been the exception rather than the rule. We at Tents For Rent are here to help. Here are some tips for planning an event that will be beautiful in any type of weather:

  • Have a backup plan for your wedding ceremony. This can be an alternate location or a tent rental on standby.

  • Place your tent where there will not be water runoff in case of rain.

  • Think about where your guests will walk and plan to have umbrellas or a covered walkway.

  • Work with a reputable tent supplier that will provide you with tents that will be safe and secure even during a storm.

Our tents are a wonderful addition to any outdoor event in all types of weather. In the winter, we can heat your tent. In the summer, we can cool it with fans or air conditioning. In the rain, we can keep you dry. We even have an option to reserve a tent and cancel it at the last minute if the weather forecast looks favorable. You can read more about it on our FAQ page. All of our tents are heavy duty, sturdy tents that are designed to withstand wind and rain. We also offer some additional items to help your event go smoothly in all types of weather:

  • Covered walkways to keep your guests dry while walking from their cars or the building

  • Plastic flooring and carpet to protect your guests, from soft, wet ground or runoff water

  • Sidewalls to protect from wind and rain. We include white walls for free on most tents.

  • Technicians on call 24/7/365 if you should have any weather related issues

  • Optional onsite attendant during your event

Our crews are experienced in installing tents in all types of weather. So, if there is foul weather leading up to your event, you can count on us to install your tent anyway. Our experienced event planners will be happy to help you plan to be prepared for all types of weather. To read more about weddings in unfavorable weather, see these articles:

Rain on the window pane.

Rain on the window pane.