Top 5 ways to light a tent

Today, I’ll be showing you the top five ways to light a tent.

Café lighting is a very popular choice for wedding receptions. It sheds a soft, romantic glow inside the tent. If you chose a sailcloth tent, the entire tent glows invitingly.

Globe lighting is simple and economical. There is a bulb every ten feet around the perimeter of the tent. This type of lighting is soft and minimalist. It’s popular for small backyard parties

Can lighting is a great idea if you’d like to add some color. These lights shine up onto the tent fabric and create colorful indirect lighting. You can choose from a variety of colors to fit your event theme or corporate colors.

High bay lights are the most efficient way to light our very largest tents. They draw very little power and produce a lot of light.

Quartz flood lights are an economical way to light a tent. They can be aimed at a stage shown onto the tent fabric for a softer indirect light.

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