Questions we'll ask at delivery

Your event is almost here and there are a few questions we’ll be asking about installing your tent. Here they are, so you can think about them ahead of time:

Where do you want us to place the tent? Think about a location that is as level as possible and easy for your guests to access. Will you have any special considerations, such as handicapped guests? The tent can be placed on unlevel ground, but it’s not very comfortable to sit in a chair on the side of a hill. Also, please be sure that the area is clear of any furniture or obstructions before we arrive. It’s also a good idea to have the lawn mowed the day before our arrival.

Can we back our truck into your yard? We usually deliver with pickups and trailers. If we can back our truck up next to the tent site, it makes life a lot easier for us. However, we don’t want to cause any damage. So, we can hand carry everything if you’d rather that we didn’t back onto your lawn. (In that case, we’ll need cold drinks. Just kidding, we’ll be just fine!)

Are there any underground lines? We don’t want to damage lines for outdoor lighting, sprinklers, gas lines, or your pool. So, be sure to find out where they are so that we can avoid any damage to them

Do you want us to install the tent walls? They can be open or closed, but in most cases, it’s best to leave the tent as open as possible. We have a video dedicated to that decision. We can leave some walls onsite in case you need to add them later. If you want to know how to install the walls, we have easy video instructions for that as well.

Where is the power source? If you have ordered lights but not a generator, we’ll need one or more heavy duty circuits to power the lighting

Where do you want us to leave the accessories like chairs, tables, linens, flooring and extra walls?

If you have any questions of your own, feel free to contact us. 717.733.9700 Here’s wishing you an extra special event.