What to expect on delivery day

What should you expect on your tent delivery day?

It starts a few days before your delivery when you receive an email or a call from one of our schedulers notifying you of the time that we will be arriving to deliver your tent. Please confirm promptly so that we can proceed with planning all our deliveries for that day.

Normally, our crew will load their trucks a day or two before your delivery. So, if you have any changes to your order, please let us know as far ahead as possible.

To prepare for our arrival, please have the area where the tent will be installed cleared of any obstructions. If you need to mow the yard, please do that before our arrival as lawn mowers and tent crews do not mingle well! Our crew will do their best to arrive within the scheduled time range. However, weather, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances can change the schedule. Usually, our crew will arrive in a pickup truck and trailer for delivery. The crew leader will meet with you to find out exactly where the tent will be placed. He will work with you to find the best possible location for the tent. Unless you’ve already made other arrangements, he will also collect payment on arrival.

In order to speed up the delivery process, we like to park our trucks as close as possible to the tent installation spot. Our crews work quickly and efficiently. So, your tent should be installed as quickly as one hour. If it’s very large, it may take several hours. (There’s no need to order pizza for the crew unless setup takes more than 8 hours—just kidding!)

After the tent is installed, we’ll need to know if you want us to install side walls on the tent. In most cases, we recommend leaving the tent as open as possible for fresh air and breezes. If you decide to leave the sides open, we can leave the walls onsite so that you can put them on later if the weather changes.

If you’ve rented additional accessories such as lighting, flooring, or power, we will install those things next. Tables, chairs and linens are the only items that do not include installation and removal in the rental cost. So, unless you’ve specified that you want us to set them up and re-stack them, we’ll stack those items inside the tent. Please have them stacked again when we come to pick up the tent, since we may not have time to go on a scavenger hunt just then. We look forward to serving you.

If you have any questions call us today: 717.733.9700