Top 4 tent styles that work best for different types of events

It’s easy to be confused by the different types of tents: frame tents, clearspan tents, pole tents, sailcloth tents. Which one do I need? What’s the difference and why does it matter? Let me break it down for you.

Frame tents have an aluminum skeleton that makes the tent rigid. They offer some unique advantages over pole tents. Sometimes, tents must be secured with weights instead of driving stakes into the ground. In locations where a driveway cannot be penetrated or where underground utilities make it unsafe to drive stakes, a frame tent with weights is the perfect solution. Frame tents are much more flexible in the ways that they can be secured. They can be installed on a deck, patio or even the rooftop of a building. Frame tents have other advantages as well. They have no interior poles. This is great for construction projects where machinery must work inside the tent or events where poles would obstruct the flow of people.

Clearspan tents also have an aluminum structure and have all the benefits of a frame tent. However, clearspans can be much larger than a frame tent (over 100’ wide). The tent fabric slides in tracks on the aluminum beams, making them very tight. They are excellent for winter use or long-term installations. Clearspan tents also work well as weather protection for a stage at a graduation ceremony or other outdoor event with a large audience. Lighting and speakers can be hung from the aluminum beams of the tent. The front of the stage can be completely unobstructed by tent poles. Clearspans can be  raised to a taller height to cover a stage or to allow machinery to enter the tent. Some people prefer the more modern, "Euro" appearance of a clearspan tent.

Pole tents, also known as tension structures, are an evolution of the earliest type of tents.  The forerunners to our modern pole tents were the big top circus tents of the past. They have tall, graceful peaks and airy spacious interiors. Their structure comes from the fabric itself. Thus, they can be installed quickly with no need for beams to support them. Many of today's pole tents are engineered to withstand up to 70 mph sustained winds and 90 mph gusts. Pole tents are the most economical type of tent that we offer. They are great for weddingsbackyard parties and other events of all kinds. Many people prefer this style over the more traditional square frame or clearspan tent appearance. They can be installed on nearly any surface where stakes can be driven into the ground. They are our most popular type of tent.

Sailcloth tents are a type of pole tent that is very popular for weddings. They have the tall graceful peaks of a pole tent with a few extras to make them special. Inspired by sails on sailboats, they’re light and airy. They allow lots of natural light to flood the tent and they glow with light at night. Their whimsical rounded shape creates a great canvas for all types of decoration. Their elegant minimalist design lets you enjoy the great outdoors while providing walls to protect you in case of rain. White pennant flags waving from the peaks add to the charm.

Still not sure which type of tent you'll need? Our customer reps will be happy to help you find the best solution for your event. Whatever type of tent you choose, rest assured that Tents For Rent will provide you with a quality tent and excellent service to make your event successful.

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