Should I close the tent walls?

Today we’ll be talking about tent sidewalls. During the tent installation, one of the questions we’ll ask is whether you’d like us to enclose the tent walls or leave them open.

Here are my recommendations. If the weather is warm, keeping most of the walls open is the best idea. It will allow more airflow to keep the guests cooler.  If rain is in the forecast, it’s a good idea to close only the side that the wind will be coming from. Even if cool or rainy weather is in the forecast, I recommend leaving at least one side of the tent open. The reason for this is that a tent that is totally enclosed can become very damp. Condensation can form on the tent and it can actually rain inside the tent. Of course, if it’s very cold or there are heaters in the tent, it’s best to enclose everything except the entrance

Even if you decide to leave some of the tent sides open, we can leave the extra walls onsite to close later if necessary. Below is a video with instructions on closing the walls. We hope you enjoy your outdoor celebration.

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