Weather The Storm With These 5 Wedding Day Preparedness Tips

While rain on your wedding day is often considered good luck, you might see it as the opposite. The risk of summer storms can make hosting an outdoor event stressful, but this is especially true when wedding bells are involved. Luckily, it is in your control to not let bad weather splash all over your special day. From prepping your guests to adjusting your party rentals, these tips are your stress-free weather preparedness kit. 

  1. Remember Your Guests
    If wet weather seems to be in your forecast, be sure to include your wedding guests in your preparation measures. For an outdoor wedding, slip umbrellas or ponchos under their wedding chairs for easy-to-access rain protection. Also, do your best to keep them updated, and encourage them to dress for the weather.

  2. Have An Alternate Location
    Even though you have been planning your dream outdoor wedding for months, it is wise to have an alternative location in place. If you are set on your original location, simply adjust your party rentals by renting a tent. The interior of the tent can still be decorated with an outdoor aesthetic while protecting the party from potential rain. Keep in mind that these structures come in different styles, including frame tents and pole tents.

  3. Embrace Your Situation
    Especially during a simple rain shower, embracing the conditions can lead to fun, creative memories. Incorporate umbrellas into your ceremony and wedding photos. Rainy days can be cozy and romantic, so have fun with the whimsy.

  4. Have An Emergency Preparedness Plan
    If you live in an area that is at risk for severe weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, have an emergency plan in place. This could include measures such as evacuation routes and tornado shelters. If the safety of you and your guests could be at risk, don't hesitate to postpone your wedding.

  5. Work With Your Photographer
    Communicate your weather concerns with your photographer. They will likely have creative ideas to work around the rain, such as using umbrellas as props and finding interesting indoor spaces.

You have planned your special day down to every detail. From the flowers to your vows, you and your partner have worked to make your wedding as unique as you are. As the event draws closer, don't let your wedding dreams get left out in the rain. Being prepared will allow your event to carry on beautifully in the sunshine and in rain.