Secrets Your Wedding Planner Wants You to Know : Part 2

Event tent, Stowe, Vermont, USA

In our last piece, we shared some tips and tricks that wedding planners wished couples knew before their big day. So before you sign on the dotted line, read this list!

Don't expect a Pinterest-perfect wedding
Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for your wedding and to connect with other brides, but do not expect everything to come out exactly as it looks on the site. There are a lot of hidden factors that go into those pictures (hint: Photoshop), and while your wedding planner will try their best, it might not look exactly the way you imagined. Instead, it is a good idea to go over a theme and a vision with your wedding planner so they can create a custom look for you.

Doing business with friends isn't always the best idea
It isn't a good idea to mix your friendship and your wedding. After all, if something doesn't go the way you'd like, you will have that mistake looming over your entire friendship. Even if your best friend is an amazing chef, that doesn't mean they should cater the wedding. Rather, take the advice of your wedding planner and use one of their professional recommendations.

Rent instead of buy
The number one trick to cutting wedding costs is utilizing wedding rentals effectively. There are plenty of variables you must think about with party rentals, from wedding tent rentals to finding linens that match your centerpieces. Always rent a tent instead of buying one, as you'll only be using it a few times a year. Same goes with wedding chairs, tables, drink ware, and even centerpieces. To save even more money, make sure you get all of these wedding essentials from the same vendor.

Plan extra time to eat and get ready
Brides and grooms often forget to leave enough time to get ready or to eat. Make sure you schedule in about an hour extra for hair and makeup. Also, don't forget to plan a time and place for snacks for the wedding party so no one gets hangry during pictures.

Keep the phone away
You'll have the rest of your life to relive your wedding day, so you need to be 100% in the moment during the day at all times! Take a step back and look at everyone around you celebrating your love, and then leave the selfies and social media updates for another time. Remember: it's your photographer's job to make you look absolutely perfect; it's your job to have the time of your life.

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