Secrets Your Wedding Planner Wants You to Know ; Part 1

Table set for an event party or wedding reception

Planning your wedding can be stressful, from picking out the colors of wedding chairs to corralling your bridesmaids all into one place at one same time. This is where a wedding planner can come in. A professional wedding planner will be able to handle all the details you don't want to deal with, as who wants to choose party rentals or hire a bartender or remember to coordinate centerpieces when you have a wedding dress to pick out?

But, there are some things a wedding planner won't tell you. Here we've compiled a list so nothing gets forgotten on your big day.

Don't forget the tax
It is important to remember that the prices listed on your catering or bar menu aren't the end prices. There is always tax, service charges, and potential transportation fees that have to be considered, so do not be surprised when your end bill is higher than expected.

Your flowers will cost you a pretty penny
Chances are, the flowers you are looking to purchase aren't grown locally. They most likely have to be flown in from an international destination which can hike their prices up even more. Plus, the extra cost of vases and bouquet assembly isn't always included.

Outdoor events are always, always risky
If you have your heart set on an outdoor event, make sure to rent a tent or at least have one on reserve. Everyone will remember the gorgeous outdoor atmosphere you have created with a wedding tent, and you'll have shelter in case rain decides to try and ruin your day.

Don't forget seating
Never cut corners when it comes to seating. You don't want your guests to feel as if they are packed into your tent like sardines, so it is important you get the right sized wedding chairs and leave ample space. For perspective, if cathedral type seating is being used, allow about eight square feet per person in your tent rental.

Use your initials instead
As tempting as it may be to engrave everything with the words bride and groom, it makes better sense to use your initials or your new last name instead. This way you can reuse these pieces and they won't be collecting dust in your china cabinet.

Keep your eyes peeled for more secrets!