Taking The Party Outside: 5 Different Possibilities For Your Next Outdoor Office Party

Holiday office parties make up the overwhelming majority of large corporate events for workplaces across the country. However, these events are usually in the dead of winter and take place in a stuffy indoor setting. Surprise your employees by throwing an outdoor party in the warmer months. After booking a party tent rental, you can throw any of these entertaining outdoor office parties.

  • Sports Day: Involving your employees in fun outdoor activities is a great way to change up the usual party dynamic and foster friendly competition. Your sports day could be anything from a company kickball tournament to a relaxed day of fun picnic games. Activities such as bocce ball matches, water balloon tosses, and wheelbarrow races are a good way to include everyone in the fun as they don't require athletic prowess. To make the day more than just a sports free-for-all, rent a tent and set up a sitting area with snacks and drinks.

  • Scavenger Hunt: As an engaging team bonding activity, scavenger hunts give employees the opportunity to delve into the outdoors while working towards a common goal. There are endless possibilities for organizing a company scavenger hunt, ranging from seeking simple objects to taking photographs at designated locations.

  • Grilling Party: For employees who love an event centered on food, an outdoor grilling party is the perfect solution. You could hold the party at a local park or set up party tent rentals in an employee's backyard. Keep in mind that there are two main styles of tents, frame tents and pole tents, and one may be better suited for an employee's yard space.

  • Community Service Project: The best parties are often the ones that make a difference in the lives of others or in the community. Rather than hosting a party focused only on the company, combine a summer party with the opportunity to serve the community. Whether it is cleaning up a park or holding a car wash to raise money for a charity, you can easily get your employees on board with dedicating a few hours to others. Be sure to have a party tent rental and plenty of snacks available for your hard-working volunteers.

  • Hire Entertainment: Shake up the office party routine by hiring entertainment your employees would not usually see. This entertainment could be a magician, a local band, a face painter, or anything else that you think would entertain your employees. Depending on the entertainment you bring in, you can set a fun theme for the party to make it even more memorable.

To throw an office party that is different from every one you've thrown before, all you need to do is get creative. Consider what activities might pique the interest of your employees, and run with that idea to throw an incredible office party.