Your Guide To Renting A Heater For Your Tent

Night time wedding tent with stars visible.

The advent of outdoor tent rental services and portable heaters have made it possible to throw outdoor weddings, parties, graduations, and community events at any time of year. When looking into renting a heater for your event, you'll likely have a few questions about the process and the logistics. Get all of the answers to your questions and rent your heater with ease and expertise.

How Does The Heater Work?

When you get a tent heating unit through rental services, you aren't just getting a space heater that you can plug into a nearby outlet. Tent heaters are typically connected to large propane tanks, which give them the power they need to effectively heat larger spaces. The unit does require electrical power as well, so you'll need an outlet nearby to plug it into.

While it may sound like they are easy enough to install yourself, you'll want the tent rental company to properly install it for you if they offer that service. They usually place the heaters outside of the tent with a vent that sits under the tent's sidewall, and you want that to be properly situated.

What Size Heater Should I Rent?

The answer to this question is dependent on a number of other factors and there won't be a definitive answer to it every time. It is always helpful to simply ask the provider of your tent rental services what size heater they recommend. The information they'll likely need to know is the size of the tent you're renting. The tent size usually depends on the number of guests coming, the average number of which for a wedding is 136 people, according to the Knot's 2014 Real Weddings Study.

The rental company will likely also ask at what temperature you plan to set your thermostat. This number will tell them what kind of power you need from your heater. Your rental company may also want to know how long the event will last, indicating how long you plan to run the units, and the number of power outlets you'll be able to access.

Heating your rental tent is a completely feasible task when you know the parameters of what you're trying to heat. Host an event this winter without any worries about keeping your guests warm and cozy.