How To Have A Romantic Winter Wedding

The bride and groom hugging. Beautiful couple walking in the Park in winter.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to put off your wedding til the warmer seasons. Winter weddings can be incredibly romantic, between the snow, the holidays, and all the cozy decor options. If you're planning on a winter wedding for you and your significant other, here are a few essentials you need to make sure you have to keep your wedding warm, cozy, and inviting despite the weather.

Tent Rentals

Party tent rentals are important for any sort of event in less than ideal weather, but they're absolutely essential for weddings. If you want to have your ceremony out in the beautiful winter landscape, that's one thing; however, you can't realistically expect your guests to enjoy a reception out in the cold. Having tent rented for your wedding can help ensure that no matter what weather you end up having for your wedding, your guests are warm and comfortable. Just make sure you rent a tent large enough. Take your number of guests times:

  • 15 square feet for seating at tables

  • 6 square feet for standing area or cocktail area

  • 8 square feet for a wedding ceremony or guests seated at only chairs

  • an additional 2 to 3 square feet for a dance area

  • and 25 square feet for the head table.

Winter Decor

For a winter wedding, there are plenty of decor options available to make your big day one to remember. Try leaning into the themes of the holiday for some interesting decor options; use pine trees, red and green, and other Christmas themed decorations to give your wedding a festive feel.

If you want to stay away from the holidays for your wedding theme, winter still lends itself to plenty of interesting color palettes; feel free to make use of elegant metallics, royal blues, and pure whites to match the weather outside. When choosing out linens for your wedding, opt for heavier fabrics as well. This will help the space feel cozier and warmer, in contrast with the cold outside.

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