5 Creative Runner Ideas For Your Wedding Tables

Vintage table setup for outdoor wedding reception.

At your wedding, your guests will spend a bit of time at their tables. You'll want to make sure they are perfectly decorated and comfortable so that your guests can enjoy themselves while they dine. Make sure to space them properly and that your tent is large enough for them. Typically you'll need at least 12 square feet per person if you're using round tables and 10 square feet per person with rectangular ones. Once you have the comfortable spacing down, you can turn your attention to the fun part. Choose a table runner idea for your wedding tables that perfectly reflects your wedding's themes and your reception will come together perfectly.

  1. Moss Runners: These will look like traditional runners made of cloth, but a closer inspection will reveal a bit of a twist. By using long strips of moss, you can easily incorporate a natural element into your reception decor. Complement the runner with other natural elements like driftwood or terrariums, or add candles and arrangements of flowers for interesting level changes.

  2. Green Garland: If you want the next level up of natural wonder from moss, use leafy green garland as the runners on your wedding tables. Lush greenery will add a wonderfully environmental touch to your reception and it is very easy to pop in vibrant florals throughout the garland. Better yet, using garland down the centers of your tables will serve as runners and centerpieces all at once.

  3. Funky Patterns: When a natural look isn't your style, opt for eye-catching patterns on runners. There are endless possibilities for patterns and color choices on runners and you can easily coordinate them with the rest of the reception decor. Any unique prints are sure to wow your guests and make them smile.

  4. Big Blooms: Do you want your table runners to be big and bold? Make them out of the largest floral blooms you can find. With this floral-only garland, you can make a big statement on each table while coordinating the colors with the rest of the decor. With these runners, you won't even need to think about centerpieces.

  5. Votive Candles: A wedding classic, you can use votive candles as the elegant focus of your runners. Have them zig-zag down the table or line them up like two rows of neat soldiers for an organized look. Pair them with flat sequin runners or floral centerpieces and you'll achieve a truly classy look for your wedding tables.

Your reception should be perfectly decorated in every aspect, and from the wedding tent rentals, to the wedding linen rentals, and to the table rentals. Make sure that they're ready to host your guests by designing creative and unique runners.