How To Winterize Your Party Tent Rental

Two young people enjoying in the snow

The winter aesthetics of blankets of white snow, green pine trees, and vibrant pops of colors make any wedding photos gorgeous, but the practicalities of getting it all together can be a bit difficult. When you're holding your wedding, or any event, in a party tent rental during the colder months, you're going to have to make some preparations so that your guests are warm and cozy. Follow these tips for holding a successful event in a tent during the chilliest months.

Invest In Heaters

No matter what the weather decides to do on the big day, you want to be sure that your guests are sufficiently warm. Most tent rental companies offer heaters specialized for tent use. They also offer various sizes that fit well with different rental tent sizes. Consult with the experts to find the right heater for your tent, and when in doubt get one that's larger than you think. When temperatures are in the teens and snow is falling, you can't have too much heat.

Add Fans

To make sure that the warm air reaches every nook and cranny of your party tent rental, have some fans on pedestals throughout the tent. You'll want to be sure that they're set far enough away from where guests will be sitting, otherwise they'll be getting air blown on them throughout the event and that could be uncomfortable. However you situate them, the fans will serve a useful purpose in pushing the warm air sitting at the top of the tent to the bottom.

Keep Shovels And Ice Handy

If the forecast calls for snow, be sure to have the proper materials ready. You'll want shovels to clear any paths into and out of the tent and ice melt to get rid of any slipping hazards. While Knot's 2014 Real Weddings Study reported that the second most popular month to get married was October and snow doesn't typically happen that early, it can fall at any time. Be prepared for any possibility of snow and ice so that you don't get trapped in your event tent while you wait for help.

With the right cold weather equipment, you can have an outdoor party at any time of the year. Just be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way and you're sure to have a wonderful event.