Questions To Ask Yourself When Renting A Party Tent

Looking up at the top of white tent against clear blue sky backg

Tent rentals come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you're renting a tent for a wedding, party, or community event you'll have a lot of options. To determine the exact type of rental tent you need, ask yourself these important questions.

How Many Guests Are Attending?

When you're renting a party tent from a professional company, most will be able to determine the tent size you need based on the number of people that will have to fit inside the tent. You can also calculate the tent size based on your guest list. Generally, you need 100 square feet for every eight guests when you're using round tables. With long tables, your tent will need 80 square feet for every eight guests. For an average wedding with 136 people, a tent of 13,600 square feet would be needed for the reception.

What Kind Of Seating Will You Need?

The different areas that you may want for your event also impact the size of the tent. You may need a separate table at the front of the room, a buffet area, a stage, and a dance floor. To divide these areas, you'll want to account for extra room. For example, you'll want a buffer of space between seating and the buffet table or stage area for the guests' comfort. To be safe, always round up your estimations so that everyone will have plenty of room to sit and move around comfortably.

Do You Want Any Special Features?

All rental tents are not just plain white canopy tents anymore. Make sure you take a look through the different tents the rental company offers and identify any features you think will make the event special. Many companies offer colored tents, tents with sides that can protect the inside of the tent from wind and rain, and clear-top tops that allow you to see the sky above.

What Kind Of Lighting Will You Need?

If your event is going into the hours after sunset, you're going to need to consider lighting. Many rental companies offer lighting options with their tent rentals, so be sure to check that feature before you provide a solution of your own. String lights are always a great, warm look for events under a tent and are easy to hang off of the tent's frames and around its poles.

Will You Need Temperature Control?

Unless you're having your events in the few months when the temperature is absolutely perfect, you may want to do some thinking on this. For the warmer months, consider renting portable air conditioners that can cool off the inside of a walled tent. In the colder months, you may want to rent a few portable heaters to get your guests nice and toasty. Many rental companies offer these units when you're renting a party tent, so be sure to check for those options.

For any event, location is everything. When a tent is the location, you want to make sure that it is perfect and comfortable for everyone. As you go through the process of renting a party tent, be sure to take these questions into consideration in order to pick the right tent.