A Warm Reception: 3 Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Tent

wedding tents.jpg

Hosting your wedding reception in a tent rental is not only cost-effective, but it creates an intimate, customizable venue for you and your guests. You can easily decorate your tent to accentuate your wedding's theme or overall style with these simple details.

What Is Your Tent's Form?

Wedding tents come in two basic styles. The first style is a frame tent, shaped like an uppercase "A" so that there is one continual high point down the center of the tent. This style offers the option of clearspan tents, which has a see-through top that allows you to have an open-air feel with protection. The second style is a pole tent, which is held up by several poles down the middle, creating many peaks in your tent. The tent's form will determine how you decorate it, so once you've decided on that you can get down to the details.

Rustic Chic

With your reception already set outdoors, incorporating a rustic theme that relies on natural elements is a beautiful strategy. Choose from a variety of frame wedding tents, and string green garlands parallel to the sloping roof on each side. You can also add green or floral garlands to the poles, lighting fixtures, and wherever else your tent needs some color. Pair this natural greenery with wooden, rustic wedding tables and chairs and colorful peony centerpieces. Add string lights along the ceiling to compliment the garland for an easy, rustic look.

Bright And Playful

If you're looking to add color to your tent design, you have quite a few options. Rent a pole tent, and decorate with boldly colored paper lanterns that hang just below the tent's ceiling. The lanterns can be a variety of sizes and colors, and in a pole tent they'll form to the tent's many peaks, creating a dimensional look. You can also incorporate color with whimsical bunting, a creative craft that is very easy to do yourself. When you pick out your wedding chairs, you can wrap them in colorful ribbon or add colorful chair cushions to each one.

Elegant Glamour

It is more than possible to have your reception in a rental tent and still create an elegant design. Add mini string lights on the ceiling of the tent for simple and chic lighting. Use sequined tablecloths for your wedding linen rentals to add just a touch of shimmer to your design. If you're not a fan of the sparkle, choose a simple color design with neutrals or pastels, or even go all-white, for your linens, flowers, and chairs. This style pairs well with a clearspan frame tent, which will allow you to see a gorgeous sunset and the night's stars through its transparent ceiling.

Have fun with your tent design and let your imagination run wild. Remember that wedding tents can easily be tailored to your personal design tastes, and as long as you decorate it according to your vision, your guests will feel the love too.