How to Install Tent Sidewalls

What's as changeable as the weather? Our tent sidewalls. During your event, the temperature may become cooler, a breeze may come along or it may start to rain. Thankfully, it's quick and easy to install the tent sidewalls. Or, maybe it becomes warm and you'd like more airflow. Removing the sidewalls is just as easy. This video will show you how it's done.

Instructions for installing sidewalls on a tent.

  1. Begin by rolling out the tent walls. They should be rolled out between the pole and the rope or strap of the tent. This help reduce the flapping of the sidewall if it becomes windy.
  2. Each wall is 20' or 30' long. You can start hanging them anywhere on the tent. They can even continue around the corner of the tent. You can enclose any portion of the tent that you like.
  3. Next snap the small metal hook along the top of the wall to the thin string around the perimeter of the tent. If the tent walls are too high to reach, you may need a step stool.
  4. If the wall is longer than necessary, you can fold it back and double it over itself.
  5. If you hang more than one wall panel, overlap them one foot and snap them together at the joint.

Removing the tent walls is just as easy.

  1. Unsnap the walls
  2. Fold them up
  3. Store them in a clean, dry place